Rethinking Arendt’s Constitutional Thought on Violence and the Social Question

Revista: Teoría política
Número: 3 - 2013- Nuova serie
Fecha: 30-06-2013
Autor: Man Kwon Kim
Precio: 5.00 Euros

Resumen: It is generally known that Arendt never developed a systematic or consistent theory of law. However, for Arendt, law is a critical element of all governments because it helps constitute, maintain, and guarantee a stable common world necessary for men subject to incessant and diverse motions that are both unpredictable and irrevocable. In Arendt’s thinking, «Politics needs housing», and «building such housing can be equated with the framing of a constitution». Thus, law, an outcome of collective constituting acts that aim to create lasting institutions, plays the role of protecting politics over time in a political community.

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